Trick Coins

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  • Jumbo Australian 20-Cent Coin


    Exclusive to Bernard’s!  These coins (approved by the Australian Mint) are 7.5 centimetres across and weighs 108 grams!  Perfect for a jumbo coin production or just for a souvenir.

  • Double Head/Tail Coin


    Great for the classic ‘Heads or Tails’ toss! Or for an added touch to a ‘Two Faced’ costume.  Available in double heads or double tails.

  • Scotch & Soda


    Put the half dollar and the copper Mexican Centavo in your spectator’s hand.

    Have them close their hand and then it is reopened,

    immediately the copper Mexican coin is gone and in its place is a quarter.

  • Hopping Halves


    You take one of two coins from your hand and place it in your pocket.

    It appears that when the coin is removed it immediately returns to you hand.

    Show both sides of an English Penny & Half Dollar.

    Put the Half Dollar in your pocket. Open your hands the coins are still there!

    Repeat, putting the English Penny in your pocket, again both coins remain!!

    The coins do all the work.

    A very popular trick and one of our best sellers.

  • Lethal Tender


    A Chinese coin, a half dollar, a playing card and a black wallet are shown.

    Take the half dollar from the wallet and place it on the back of your,

    spectators hand that is place on top of the wallet and pressing on the Chinese coin that is inside. Cover the half dollar for only a second with the playing card. The Chinese coin is now on the back of your spectator’s hand and the half dollar is in the wallet.

  • Bite Out Coin


    Pretend to take a bite out of a Coin. Show the Coin with 'bite out' marks thru the metal Coin.  In a blink the Coin is restored back to normal.  An adult trick.

  • The Raven


    Place a coin in your hand, calling it a Magic Vanishing Coin. "If I wave my hand over vanishes!" You wave your hand over the coin and it visually vanishes. Your hands are shown all around, the coin is gone! There are no suspicious moves, or sleights. Instead of vanishing a coin, you can make it change into another coin, or shrink to a tiny coin. There are many other possibilities.  For adults only. Skill level – difficult.