Silk Tricks

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Crystal Tube

A crystal tube is shown. The magician puts inside the tube, three separate silks. He then blows the silks from the tube where they have magically become tied together.

Includes crystal tube, 3 different coloured silks and instruction sheet.

Rope to Silk

You show a very soft rope to your audience. By stroking the rope it becomes rigid and stands vertically with no support.


With one more stroke of the rope it magically changes to a beautiful silk handkerchief. Our apparatus for this trick is much superior to some you may have seen before.


Chameleon Silk

The magician displays a bright green silk handkerchief, stuffs it into his closed fist and when he begins pulling the silk out of the bottom of his fist it`s changed to a bright red silk! The magician then stuffs the red silk into his closed fist and it changes again to yellow! The audience will think you must have spent years mastering difficult sleight-of-hand, but you only need to follow the simple enclosed instructions. Comes complete with three 9-inch silks, gimmick and instructions.  Skill level – difficult.

Colour Changing Streamer

A multi-coloured silk streamer is held by the performer. With a snap of the wrist, the colours instantly vanish leaving the streamer completely black!  Can also be performed black to colours.

Double Colour Changing Silks

The magician displays two silk handkerchiefs tied together. He passes the silks quickly through his fist and they both change from blue and red to yellow and green!  All 100% Italian Silk.