Rope Tricks

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Zig Zag Rope


A red rope is put into a case, where its ends and centre remain visible. The case slides apart, severing the rope into two pieces.


The case is slid back together and the rope is removed, undamaged! Easy to do. Similar to the Zig Zag Lady illusion but in miniature.


Stiff Rope

Magician displays a piece of rope. The rope is stretched between the performer's hands horizontally. One hand is released and amazingly the


rope stands rigid as a stick. Magician merely blows on the rope and it falls down limp once again. An extremely easy rope trick to learn!


Rope to Silk

You show a very soft rope to your audience. By stroking the rope it becomes rigid and stands vertically with no support.


With one more stroke of the rope it magically changes to a beautiful silk handkerchief. Our apparatus for this trick is much


superior to some you may have seen before.

Patriotic Ropes

The magician displays three coloured ropes: red, white, and blue in colour. With just a snap of the fingers, the three ropes blend into one!  All 3 Ropes Tied Together.