Regular Coins

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  • Money Box


    Great optical illusion! Where do the coins go?!? Great for the very young magicians. 5+ years old.

  • Coin Slide


    A coin will vanish, appear or change with this magic slide. Perfect trick for the new magician!

  • Spiked Coin


    A plastic disk (or your own real 20 cent piece) is put in a case and penetrated by many spikes. The spikes are removed and the coin is undamaged. A mini version of the classic Sword Basket stage trick.

  • Soft Coins


    Three coins are placed in a holder and covered with a strip of paper. Three pencils are pushed through each hole, penetrating the paper and the coins. When the pencils are removed, the paper has three holes but the coins are undamaged. Examinable. Provide your own pencils and 10 cent coins.

  • Pena-Coin


    A coin visually penetrates through a solid sheet of rubber. Even the spectator can push the coin through the sheet! (3 sheets included).

  • Crystal Coin Case


    A coin is placed between sheets of plastic, bound with rubber bands, and still magically vanishes!

  • U.S. Half Dollar


    These are regular U.S. half dollars used in coin tricks when it needs to be handed out for inspection.