Mind Reading Books

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Easy To Master Mental Magic - Clark

Learn to read minds, conduct hypnosis, and predict the future! Instead of employing visual magic, the tricks in this book help aspiring performers exercise mental powers that seem downright supernatural. Seasoned magician James L. Clark shares his professional secrets with 15 psychological illusions that require little practice and even less effort to perform.

Self-Working Mental Magic

By Karl Fulves. If you want to include some great mental routines in your act that are easy and fun to perform, this neat little book is for you! Included are ESP effects, Mind Reading, Book Tests, Psychic Secrets, Siate Sorcery, Card Miracles, and much more. 67 unique effects in all comprise a well written and illustrated book. 121 pages.

Practical Mental Effects

Practical Mental Effects without a doubt is the most popular book ever written on the subject. Theodore Annemann poured his heart into this fine paperback volume, which is timeless and so very educational. You will learn scores of routines and ESP tricks that will turn you into the consummate mentalist.

13 Steps To Mentalism by Richard Osterlind

Considered the "bible" for magicians and mentalists interested in "Mental Magic Tricks" written by Tony Corinda. Probably the single 'core' text for beginning to learn mind reading and tricks using psychology. The book assumes no prior knowledge and will teach you not only a range of great mind magic tricks, but also the presentation and performance skills you need to get the best from them.

Features Swami Gimmicks, psychological tricks with cards, slates, billets, clipboards, blindfolds, Q&A acts, mediumistic feats etc.  424 pages - Completely illustrated

Paramiracles by Ted Lesley

From the mind of Germany's top professional mentalist to yours comes a generous volume of mentalism that pushes the accepted boundaries of the craft to their limits and beyond-into realms truly "paramiraculous"!

Would you believe your eyes if you saw someone concentrate on a borrowed wine glass and, while it was standing in total isolation, you saw it visibly bend? This is just one of more than three dozen impossible feats explained in the pages of this modern classic, hailed by many as one of the top works on mentalism ever written! 
Pages 313 - Hardbound