Appearing Magic

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Magic Wand To Flower Trick

Magician can magically produce a beautiful feather flower from an empty pot! Show the audience that the plastic pot is empty. Then magically use the Magic Wand circling over the pot. Place the wand into the pot, quickly pull out the wand, feather flower will appear in front of their eyes! Great effect and easy to do.  Wand is about 8" long. Feather stem and feather flower sits in black plastic stand; flower is about 8" tall.

Appearing 5-Bloom Flower Bouquet from Wand

A beautiful feather bouquet appears in an empty flower pot! Show your audience that you have an empty flower pot and a magic wand. Circle the magic wand over the flower pot. Set the magic wand in the flower pot and quickly pull it upwards in a vertical movement revealing the feather bouquet inside. The feather bouquet "appears" in front of the audiences eyes! Wand is about 10" long. Lush and large five blossom feather flowers bouquet is about 8" high. Sits in a plastic stand.

Appearing Straw Pole (8ft.)

This gigantic "straw" pole appears from a paper bag or other similarly impossible location. Professional stage prop.

Appearing Wood Pole (8ft.)

This gigantic "wooden" pole appears from a paper bag or other similarly impossible location.  Professional stage prop.

Appearing Candle

A slim appearing candle which grades to the quality of candles used by many standard master magicians. Available in white or red.  Not sold to minors!

Appearing Cane Silver

A gleaming silver version of the classic Appearing Cane! Looks like solid steel. No rusting, no oiling and cleaning, no mess, no colour fading! A high quality steel spring coil attached to a ferrule and locking arrangement. Opens to a cane, 3 feet in length and only 4" when closed!  Professional magic prop.